Owner’s Pride, Neighbour’s Envy

BreitlingEver since man invented time clocks, watches have been held in faschination. Today in is difficult for us to imagine how early humans used to use sun’s movement across the sky and the shadow on objects to calculate passage of time. But then the history of ancient civilizations are full of stroies related to astronomy where in the science of calculating time was very highly developed based on the positions of stars and constellations .

It is quite interesting to think of the concepts of time. From a normal wrist wach which gives us time interms of hours , minutes, seconds and dates, we have the stars and constellation positions in the sky that gives us the concept of time interms of billions of light years where time and space stands still.

Though one cannot imagine life today without our wrist watches, you may be pleasently surprised to know that the wrist watches were born only in the 15th century, before which we had the pocket cloks. It was only with discover of mainspring by Peter Henlein of Germany that wrist watches came into being.

Today concept of wrist watches has gone beyond that of being just a time pieceS. Showing time is a basic minimum feature of all watches. Wrist watches today are being used for fashion, sports, aviation aswell.

Amongst the watches manufactured all over the world, it is the european and most importantly Gemran as well as Swiss watches that occupy the pride of place. Amongst the watches that are used as Chronometers as well as high end luxury watches as well as aviation models Britling, the Swiss watches are on top of the line. Originally started by Léon Breitling in 1884, Bretiling has been the front runner to supply Certified Chronometers designed especially for avaiation industry. Over the time they have become success and staus symbols.

Anybody who knows a bit about wrist watches would be able to recognize a Breitling watches from amongst hundreds of others simply by its classic design and large face with case diamter of size going upto 48 mm. Those who enjoy mannually hand crafted wrist watches including features like spilt second, moon phase and automatic winding functions will blindly go for Breitling watches.

Those who romance the watches will always treasure their Breitling for Bentley Motors model. The quartz model called Breitling Aeromarine Colt is also a collectors item with other Titanium and Gold models . Diamond Bezel and Diamond Bracelet are designed for the most exclusive society .

Though introduced in 1940s, the Breitlings special model of chronograph wrist watch for aircraft pilots called Navitimer has continued to retain its appeal even today and is sought as a collectors item by all those aviation enthusiasts.

The history of space travel contains a special contribution made by Breitling in having incorporated a 24 hour dial in place of 12 hour dial as requested by Scott Carpenter , one of the astronauts in Mercury space pgoram and this model went on to become famous at Cosmonaute Navitimer model.

Owning Breitling wristwatch is definitely an Owner’s pride and neighbour’s envy.