TAG Heuer – a world leader in state-of-the-art timepieces

TAG HeuerTAG Heuer is a Swiss watch-making company that is renowned for its fine collection of state-of-the-art chronographs and sports watches. In addition to watches, the company also produces cellular phones and eyewear. It was founded by Edouard Heuer in 1860 when he began his watch-making business in St-Imier, Switzerland.

In 1882, he patented his first chronograph and, five years later, patented his oscillating pinion which is still used in modern mechanical chronographs. From 1911, TAG Heuer has been making timepieces to mount on the dashboards of boats, cars, and aircraft. These timers and clocks came in many models and designs to accommodate the needs of rally drivers and racers.

In 1958, the company launched a new range of dashboard timepieces that included the Sebring, the Super Autavia, the Monte Carlo, and the Master Time. TAG Heuer continued to make these products until the 1980s when they were discontinued. Timing devices were also made for prestigious motor races, one of which was Formula One.

In the 1950s, watches were made for a USA retail company. Two of the most noteworthy models were the Auto-Graph and the Seafarer. The latter had an impressive dial with yellow, green, and blue patterns that indicated oceanic low and high tides. The dial was also able to track the varying phases of the moon.

The Auto-Graph had its own unique features. The dial featured a scale and a hand that the driver of a vehicle could set at a specific point. During a race, the navigator and/or driver could determine if the vehicle was traveling at the required pace over a certain distance. The secondary hand could also be used to tally scores at golf tournaments and other sporting events.

TAG Heuer is focused on producing luxurious watches. Popular ranges have included Grand Carrera, Link, Formula One, and Aquaracer. To retain an image of innovation and luxury, the company has formed long-term relationships with Hollywood celebrities and world-famous sportsmen and women. Some of these include Tiger Woods, Maria Sharapova, Leonardo DiCaprio, Steve McQueen, Shah Rukh Khan, Karun Chandhok, Lewis Hamilton, and Jenson Button. During the 1920s, Heuer was the official time-keeper at three Summer Olympic Games, Formula One championships, and the Skiing World Championships.

Today, some of the latest models from Heuer are the Carrera Calibre 360 which is the first chronograph with an ability to display the time to one-hundredth of a second. Then there’s the Monaco V4 which is driven by belts instead of gears, and the Monaco 69 which boasts accuracy to a millisecond. This model also has a mechanism that allows the wearer to flip the watch to display one of two separate dials.

In 2007, the Monaco Calibre 360LS Concept Chronograph scooped the coveted iF Product Design Award. It was chosen over 2,200 other timepieces made by watchmakers in 35 countries. In the previous year, 2006, another Heuer model, the Professional Golf Watch, won the same award. Legendary golfer, Tiger Woods, was involved in the design of this watch. The very latest model to come out of the Heuer stable is a ladies watch, the Lady Steel & Ceramic. It was launched to VIP clients and the media on 24 September 2010 by tennis star, Maria Sharapova.